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I teach all styles of piano to both children and adults of any standard, including beginners.

I can offer a trial lesson where you will see various teaching methods, some traditional and some more unusual that I’ve developed myself. These techniques accelerate the learning process, providing the student with a fun approach that does not involve hundreds of scales. Different styles of music are introduced to find the students preferences.

Basic computer technology and brief percussion lessons are offered occasionally, providing students with a vital sense of rhythm that helps with rapid progress.

Favourite songs and pieces, including exam music, can always be downloaded and printed during lessons. Several of my students have entered ABRSM graded exams with a 100% success rate. Music theory exams and Rockschool jazz exams are also available and the administration is all done for you.

For all enquiries please email or ring 07773 333 949 for details !

Piano Curriculum - Beginner to Grade 3

My aims:-

  • To install a life-long love of the piano,
  • Ensure students feel comfortable and relaxed for optimal learning,
  • Teach something students can play from the very first lesson,
  • Make lessons varied and fun with a clear sense of progression,
  • Home in on the students’ favourite music,
  • Working with students on expressing emotion, finding their ‘inner’ pianist, and confidently breathing life into their piano playing.

Each pupil will be given :-

  • An Individual Learning Plan developed from the first induction lesson involving parents,
  • A practice diary to record homework and track progress,
  • Access given to backing tracks to play along with,
  • Favourite songs downloaded and printed on request,
  • Regular feedback for parents,
  • Exam entry (and other performance opportunities) when ready with all the admin done for you,
  • A real understanding of the structure, chords etc and theory ‘behind’ the music to make learning easier and more rewarding.

Specific skills :-

  • General musicality,
  • Understanding the building blocks of music - melody, harmony, rhythm, and form
  • Good posture, hand position, muscle memory, dexterity and control at the keyboard, (includes control over subtle differences in touch and articulation, coordination and independence of the hands and fingers, and proper use and control of the pedals).
  • Improving sight-reading, (measured by an App and recorded monthly in the practice diary)
  • Sense of rhythm and timing (occasionally playing along on the big Timba and other drums)

Other learning includes :-
Music theory, playing to a metronome, singing along, piano notation, improvising, understanding chord progressions, and finally… scales - but not too many !


45 minute lessons cost £30
An hour is £35.

For more information feel free to call on 07773 333 949, or email:


Lessons are available in the studio in Dumbleton.